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"At first I didn't really know when my body was hungry, but two weeks into renewing my mind and faithfully but still imperfectly applying the principles, I now know what hunger feels like. Wow! There is no doubt for me for when I am hungry or not. Our bodies are indeed a miracle created by God, where all the components work together. I have been able to slip into some pants that I had set aside to the back of the closet. Having more margin in my clothes feels better than mindless eating."

Customer, Think Thin Within

"I truly agree that renewing the mind can be a key to any area of struggle and I've so appreciated listening to your thoughts, having practical tools to use and just keeping this at the forefront of my mind. I think having the Mind Renewal audios is a great tool. Sometimes I think it's really hard, even as a believer for many years, to fully grasp how to renew your mind. These tools have been really good for practical purposes and I know I need things that are practical. Even in the couple of weeks that I've been going through the material, I feel like I've kept these things so much more in the forefront of my mind and started to see myself implement some things that I've struggled with. "

Customer, Think Thin Within

"These are super tools and really help serve as reminders that our body is not our own. As a life long dieter this Christ centered approach is just what I've been looking for to free me from all of the diet rules of the past. Thank you."

Customer, Think Thin Within

"I love this course and your transparency. Thank you for your bravery of coming forward; it makes it really easy for me to relate. While listening to you, I have discovered that I never really renewed my mind.... I like the frequency of the course, how I get to re-watch and think about new ideas before the next module arrives. I love that I am accepting myself because God accepts me just the way I am. But I want to take better care of his temple, and this marvelous body that he gave me."

Customer, Think Thin Within

"I'm convinced that any work we do on our minds is energy well spent. The verse of the day yesterday on my Bible App was:Romans 8:6-8. In the NLT it reads: "So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace." That's where I was before...surrounded by all kinds of death. I was dying in so many ways. But now, I am learning how to let the Spirit control my mind, and the tools I have used with Thin Within have been the single most helpful aspect to the program. These specific tools have impacted not only how I think about food and my body but also how I think about my roles, attitudes, sin, fears, friendships, family, etc. I am so grateful for you and this program to continue to spur me on down this road of mind renewal. God certainly knew what he was talking about when he instructed us this way. I see his Spirit at work in me in very real (even though sometimes small) ways as I allow Him to reign over my thoughts. Thanks for this great shot in the arm. "

Customer, Think Thin Within

"The past few years for me I have understood dieting no longer worked for me, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, but I really did not know what to replace that with since it seems I had been dieting most of my adult life. So I turned to food, gaining a lot of excess weight. I fell deeper into despair, thinking I was wrong searching for another diet to go on as if that was going to fix me. I had the Thin Within books but was unsure how to apply them to my everyday life. This week going thru the Think Thin Within videos, listening to mini audios, renewing my mind with the Truth, I feel so much hope and peace. And on most days and in most moments I crave to understand why I am hungry even when I'm full, turning to God for answers."

Customer, Think Thin Within


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