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Spring Session runs week of April 2nd through week of June 4th.
(Rain date: week of June 11th)


Thin Within Small Coaching Groups
Spring 2018 Session

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We know how you feel because we've been there!

  • Living in fear of gaining weight after it is lost or never losing it at all
  • Feeling enslaved to diet after diet
  • Feeling obligated to exercise to make up for what you ate
  • Wondering when (and if) food will no longer own you
  • Waiting until we have lost weight to start living life
  • Wanting to wear jeans again (!)
  • Weary of the back and forth of the pendulum swing of restricting intake and giving up.
  • Tired of missing out on LIFE because you want to hide

Thin Within is a non-diet, mindful eating approach to lasting weight loss. Those who use the Thin Within approach eat normal food between the parameters of physical hunger and physical satisfaction. It doesn’t take much food and, by eating less of the foods we love, we are able to release extra weight!  It sounds so simple and really IS simple. We agree that it isn't easy, but it is SIMPLE.

Christina Motley and Heidi Bylsma (pictured to the right), veterans and coaches for Thin Within, invite you to join them for an intimate 10-week  journey of the heart and mind this Spring. There will be no more than a total of 8 participants in each  coaching group. Heidi and Christina will lead all groups through the study of a new curriculum we have written and designed just for you.

This spring, don't miss this amazing opportunity!

  • To be supported by Heidi, Christina, and a group of supportive, like-minded women
  • To be a healthy size
  • To eat and enjoy a variety of foods
  • To be at peace with food, eating, and your body
  • To gain freedom from fear of gaining weight or not losing
  • To have tools that you can use to experience transformation of your thinking, beliefs, and actions
  • To be a conduit for joy bubbling up due to a close friendship with Jesus

God never intended for food to torment you, but to be a wonderful, delightful gift of His provision! What TRUTHS does He have for you as you follow this path?

What do you get when you join the Thin Within Spring 2018 Group Coaching Program?

  • 10 weeks, 24-lesson curriculum with videos, audios, and workbook lessons.
  • Weekly live group coaching calls with a small group that will contribute and encourage you on your journey as you do for them on theirs.
  • Accountability, tips, tricks for those who want peace with their eating and with their body - at the level YOU need it!
  • New "Porch Chat" and "Heart 2 Heart" videos created by the coaches each week and uploaded to our Facebook groups. These short videos are usually inspired by topics and needs that surface during our coaching calls.
  • For those who stick with the group, unlimited continued access to FWFD at the Thin Within Academy, even beyond the 10 weeks.
  • Prayer requests and prayers, sharing together of prayers, praises, gratitude given to God.

What can you expect in the Thin Within Spring 2018 Group Coaching Program?

  • Download and print Fresh Wind Fresh Desire, Thin Within's latest new curriculum to take with you into time with Jesus.
  • Begin each of 10 weeks with a short video (or two) that will preview our focus for the week.
  • Build intimacy with a small community and with the God of the Universe in our small, private Facebook group, including two coaches and 5 to 7 others who will walk with you on your journey for 10 weeks, and very likely beyond.
  • Share prayer requests and know you are being covered in prayer even as you pray for others.
  • Special goodies and surprises will be uploaded by your coaches each week. These include videos that we create just for you and your group members.
  • Struggling with a potential difficult event? Wondering how to navigate the waters of a wedding celebration or Holiday Picnic? You can ask your group members and coaches about it in our secret and private Facebook group.
  • Wrap up the week with a coaching group conference call. You will get to interact with your coaches and group members in real time, brainstorming, strategizing and benefiting from the experiences of your fellows.
  • Even after the 10 week session has concluded, you will maintain extended access to Fresh Wind Fresh Desire, including all the videos and audios at the Thin Within Academy.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Learning how to release extra weight and to be a natural God-given size by eating NORMAL food. No diet foods or off-limits lists.
  • Tuning in to your physical signals of hunger and satisfaction.
  • Developing a comprehensive view of our God through bible study and praise.
  • Freeing ourselves from the tyranny of the bathroom scale and leaning, instead, on the God-ordained hunger scale.
  • Finding a SANE approach to exercise! Joyful and worshipful!
  • Breaking free from the guilt/shame cycle.
  • Shifting our view of "Success".

Who's leading these groups?

Meet Heidi Bylsma

On this journey since 1999, Heidi released 100 pounds in under a year using the Thin Within principles. After remaining a healthy size for 7 years, during a challenging season, Heidi reverted back to old habits and behaviors. Desperate to experience the blessing of transformation that only God can perform, Heidi has discovered renewed joy in her walk with God and weight-release journey as she renews her mind with gusto once again!

Meet Christina Motley

As one of Heidi's one-on-one coaching clients in spring of 2014, Christina Motley was already a veteran of Thin Within. She nevertheless experienced challenges and struggles with consistency. It wasn't until she began to diligently renew her mind that she experienced the transformation that God alone can accomplish! Christina has been one of our coaches since we *began* the coaching groups. She is a DYNAMITE addition to our coaching program!

Now available to all
coaching group participants!

Thin Within Coaching Groups use our newest curriculum:
Thin Within: Fresh Wind, Fresh Desire.

Access is available for you at the Thin Within Academy and is included in the coaching price. Where else will you get two enthusiastic Thin Within coaches, a great 24-lesson curriculum, 10 weekly coaching calls and 7 other participants to brainstorm, support and pray for you on this journey?!

Coaching groups are the most effective means to experience transformation. More than the large Thin Within workbook classes, more than the one-on-one coaching with Heidi. These small groups offer accountability, prayer, support, and tons of encouragement! Can you see yourself being a part? WE can!


Spring 2018 Coaching Group Options

Remember, there are only 3 group coaching sessions each year and we will be closing Spring session registration on March 30th!

RIGHT NOW is the time to get in on the coaching group to establish a rhythm, flow, and results (!) as we head into summer!

Also, if you register now you'll be eligible to receive the early bird price of only $275 for 10 weeks!

When you register for the Thin Within Spring 2018 Group Coaching, you'll have the opportunity to select the best group call time to fit your lifestyle. The coaching group calls happen each week at the same time for all the members of your group, so when you register, please select from the chart below the day and time you are available weekly between April 2nd and June 8th.
(Rain date: week of June 11th)

Group Pacific Time Mountain Time Central Time Eastern Time
Tuesday A Group
ONLY 3 Spots Available
6am 7am 8am 9am
Tuesday B Group
8am 9am 10am 11am
Wednesday A Group
ONLY 4 Spots Available
noon 1pm 2pm 3pm
Wednesday B Group
4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm
Thursday Group
3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm

What is the cost?

Ten Weeks of Group Coaching for ONLY:

Pay In Full: $350

Payment Plan: $187.50/month x 2

But...does that price sound too steep?

Consider with us...You receive:

  • Long term value in learning and practicing using mind renewal tools
  • Unlimited access to the curriculum long after you complete the coaching group! (Be refreshed or use it to renew your mind!)
  • Additional input, feedback, questions and answers in real time by two coaches. Not one, but two! :-D
  • You will want to make different choices in the long haul!
  • You will save any money you spend on this program in food you won't be buying anymore!

Investing your time will bear fruit not just in your eating and attitude towards food and your body, but also in your character as you begin to apply the tools and principles you learn to other aspects of your life. Many participants find that what we teach in our coaching groups actually helps them in business, finances, or in overcoming intimidation with a difficult employer or family member. The rewards are plentiful!

Have you wondered why common sense tells us that
"Diets don't work"?

  • Accountability and support within the group are a vital part of these coaching groups. You will be a co-coach in a very real way! When you sign up, you are opting to bring all your insights to the others in the group, too. Don’t worry…We all have something to share, even if it is what we have discovered about what *doesn’t* work! :-)
  • Enjoy the enthusiasm and experience of two coaches for this more intimate journey.
  • FWFD (Thin Within: Fresh Wind Fresh Desire) includes 24 lessons as well as corresponding videos and audios. We throw out the stops and teach in detail how to use the a plethora of tools to renew your mind for your Thin Within journey. This is the GAME-CHANGER, causing us to “think God’s thoughts after him.”
  • The curriculum and coaching groups are where Christina and I bring all our years of experience in Thin Within to you in a concentrated 10-week dosage!
  • We share the lessons we learned the hard way. 
  • You will be empowered to experience the blessing of  experienced sojourners. 
  • Fewer stops and stumbles happen for you on this journey as you learn from our mistakes! :-)
  • Interact with the others in your group in our hour-long weekly group conference call (accessible with a computer or phone)
  • Experience meaningful exchanges and discussion with your fellow group members and your TWO coaches (Heidi and Christina) via Facebook Secret Group.
  • In-between our weekly group conference coaching calls, we share assignments, victories, etc., in our Facebook group.
  • We begin the week of April 2nd and will end the week of June 4th (though we know that we may need an additional week or two in June if there is a need to make up one of our group coaching calls).

God promises…

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2).
We want to do whatever that means as our transformation hinges on it!

Even during these 10 weeks, if you “buy in,” giving everything you have, you will experience weight loss.
This IS it! The start of the *real* deal!

If you:

  • the exercises in FWFD
  • ...participate with your small intimate community of like-minded people with similar hopes, desires, and dreams
  • ...engage with the material
  • ...renew your mind

You will:

  • experience transformation from the inside out
  • deepen your spiritual life and connection to God
  • go on vacations and trips and celebrate holidays without dread that you will gain weight
  • go beyond the band-aid approach to the cause of the struggle we've had for years
  • never diet again!

"I was in the first coaching group …it was awesome! First, you feel much more of a sense of camaraderie with fellow Thin Within sisters when you do it, and that carries over into feeling that way about people not even in the TW coaching group, but those that I come across on Think Thin Within (the Facebook Group) or just the regular discussion group. Getting to know each other and have even closer contact with Christina and Heidi is awesome! I love the videos both of them do for the groups. It’s a great renewing the mind method to get one of their videos and listen to it or watch it whenever you’d like. The weekly phone calls were great, because they got everyone talking together and sharing."


"I've been taking Thin Within classes for at least 15 years, done all the workbooks and even led a couple of groups. This latest curriculum, Fresh Wind, Fresh Desire is excellent, and I have found it to be very deep, challenging and motivating. I love the movement towards maturity and getting to Phase Two, the discernment phase. The tools I have learned have been life-changing, and will continue to be so long after this coaching session has ended. I've especially enjoyed the videos that accompany the curriculum as well as the Facebook Porch Chats and Heart-2-Hearts. Being able to talk to my fellow group members on the phone once a week was so encouraging as we shared victories as well as struggles. This coaching experience has moved me forward on my path to weight loss and has revitalized my relationship with God. I highly recommend it!"


"If you are on the fence about joining one of Heidi and Christina’s small coaching groups, please listen up!!! I was in their very first session, and loved it so much I continued on with the second session!!! I am thriving in the safe and loving “nest” they have created to help us “baby birds” (my term, not theirs) grow and learn to FLY!!! I love the fellowship, and the grace-based accountability is *exactly* what I need to help me “walk in the light” in this soooo-difficult area that I have been struggling with for *years,* and that I have preferred hiding and staying in the dark in. Through the wisdom and gracious, loving leadership of Heidi and Christina (and the others in the group, too!), my thinking is getting transformed and my heart healed! (Plus ~ bonus! ~ I have lost 23 pounds!) So I want to gently ~ but loudly ~ beckon you to hop OFF that fence and join us in the fragrant, green “small coaching group” pasture!!! IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!"


"My favorite thing about our coaching group was the special time with our coaches. These wonderful Christian women offered Godly love and encouragement that touched my life in a personal way. I loved getting to know more about my TW hero, Heidi; and Christina’s porch chats were like having Christian counseling on a warm, cozy retreat. I’ll Miss Them❤️"


"After being a Thin Within participant for just over two years, I found myself stuck. I’d been doing quite well, but was a derailed by some health issues. I was floundering around a bit trying to get back the place where I’d been more successful. When I read that Coaching Groups were coming up, I knew it was something I wanted to try. Going through the new material in Fresh Wind, Fresh Desire I felt it dove even deeper into the heart of Thin Within, mind renewal. Through the Coaching Group and FWFD, I learned how valuable mind renewal is and how much less I struggle when consistently renewing my mind. For me, I’ve learned that I need some good old fashioned one-on-one time with God, but I also need some quick, on the fly time with Him right before each meal. I also learned tools for bigger events where food is a big temptation. In the group we discussed numerous ways of mind renewal that I’ve found to be highly beneficial. I got unstuck with my weight loss too. In those 10 weeks, I released 13 pounds and though I don’t weigh often, I’m still releasing weight. Being in a Coaching Group was very beneficial. While it was fun, I also developed friendships that I cherish. It was a group where I could share my struggles and victories, knowing each person was there to help pray me forward. Heidi and Christina while being fun and encouraging, also brought up things to really think about, not just about weight loss, but things that helped improve my walk with God and brought about a heart change that I will continue to carry with me through this journey of weight loss and life."



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