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  • Are you tired of the diet treadmill, going from one diet to the next, fearful that if you don’t exercise your body will balloon up in size?

  • Does the thought of spring, summer, and clothes that don't cover as much or hide as much cause dread?

  • Do you long to be at peace with food, your body, and eating?

  • Are you tired of dieting and exercising or agonizing about dieting and exercising taking up all your time, all your money, all your energy?

  • Are you weary?

  • Are you eager to stop the madness?

  • Have you been convinced that there is a connection between your mind, body, and spirit, but have been at a loss with how to live more deeply aware of that connection?

  • Do you feel as though food was put on this earth to torment you?

If any of these are true of you, Thin Within is a refreshing solution!

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Thin Within has been serving people since 1975. At the helm of Thin Within is Judy Halliday, a psychiatric nurse, and her husband Dr. Halliday. Where programs do a lot to tell us what to do, what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much to exercise, etc., Thin Within urges us to consider our body’s physical hunger signals and to pray for strength to learn to regard food as fuel for our high-performance machines—our bodies.


  • Our bodies know when they need fluids and signal us with thirst.

  • When we are sick, our muscles ache and we feel an unusual lethargy—again, our body’s distinct signals.

  • Our body is also reliable to tell us when we need to go to the bathroom!

  • Hand on a hot stove? Our bodies will reliably signal “Get the hand OFF the stove!”

As we get in tune with our body’s signals of physical hunger and satisfaction, we are delighted to discover that we don’t need much food to get the energy we need in life. We are remarkably efficient processors of our food. We also don’t need to make it so darn complicated.

Just imagine:

  • No more counting, weighing, measuring.

  • No special recipes or meals to buy.

  • NO good foods or bad foods lists. ALL foods are allowed! (Follow your physician's advice, of course.)

  • No more taking your own food with you.

  • No more dread of holiday events or buffet meals!


You can eat NORMAL food! You can allow your amazing God-given, God-created body to guide and direct you into knowing when you should eat and how much.

Come along with us for 30 days of “Thin Within JumpStart” Training. There is one assignment for each of 30 days. Go at the pace of one each day. Or take your time! Each assignment includes  a thought for you to consider, a task for you to try, and an optional journaling activity to process what you are learning. If you read and digest each of the simple tasks, you will be well on your way to being Thin Within! To being an intuitive eater. To being at peace!

Not only that, but you can review (or re-do) the training as many times as you like to recalibrate!

Who is Thin Within JumpStart Training for?

  1. The newbie who has never tried an intuitive, mindful eating, “non-diet” before.

  2. The Thin Within veteran who needs to get back up on the horse!

  3. Contemplative people of all faiths who see, understand, and want to foster their mind-body-spirit connection.

  4. Those with extra weight.

  5. Those with no extra weight.

  6. Those who love exercise.

  7. Those who disdain exercise.

Almost anyone will enjoy the Thin Within Jump-Start Training!

BUT, if you . . .

  • . . . are happy with your diet—or the diet you are on this week

  • . . . love trying to “exercise off” the extra serving you had the night before by an additional 90 minutes on the elliptical

  • . . . enjoy low or non-fat cheese, salad dressing and the like . . .

. . . then please don’t waste your time.

If you are even a bit intrigued, please sign up and receive access to the Thin Within Jump-Start Training at the Thin Within Academy. 

This is a great “entry” point for new students as well as a great place to re-enter for those who have decided to return to Thin Within.

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